What different between Perisher Blue & Thredbo ski Resort


  • Australia’s largest snow resort at 1,245 hectares also Perisher has 47 lifts across four resort areas — 4 resorts Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Blue Cow last one Guthega.

A new adventure this year we will take Ski tube Terminal at Bullocks Flat  20 km drive from Jindabyne on the Alpine Way, and catch the Swiss-designed train in. As Bullocks Flat is below the snowy mt.

The tube travels through a tunnel to Perisher Valley to a terminal which has a small supermarket, medical center, chemist and post office, and on to Blue Cow.  Good for beginner ski and snow board large area when you just learner ski or snow board first time. 


Thredbo was named best Australian Resort at the 2015 World Ski Awards the fresh air at Thredbo area 0 pollution the world record. Free charter bus around the ski village.

For food lover there are more than 40 restaurants, cafes and bars. Thredbo also has a Snow Play Park for tobogganing and snow tubing. Good for photo and Professional ski and snow board.

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After I paid the tours what I get?

APSE tours will send you a ticket and tax invoice all detail the meeting point after payment had been done.

Please check the date and name before pay once you pay and miss reading the date we not responsibility for any error – for lower fare no refundable no changeable for the tours.

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Why I have to buy Person Insurance?

We strongly recommend travel insurance and APSE Tours will not he held responsible for costs,loss of deposits and payments made or other fees incurred due to cancellations resulting from unforeseen such flight delay cannot join day trip, train delay on that day, I have sick last night will be cover by insurance.

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Booking condition ticket ?

Please check you time and date of the trip on the ticket, the ticket non- refundable, after the tours has departed.

APSE Tours will not refund any unused ticket. NO REFUNDS AFTER BOOKING COMPLETED

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We’ve got a question you haven’t answered what do I do?

No problem… send an email to us at info@apsetours.com and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or call hotline +61404127058 Line, Viber, What app, We chat

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I want to seating in the front?

Allocated seating is not available & seating is based on a first come first served basis.
Priority seating available extra Adult $15 pp, Child$ 15 pp pay up front or when you make a booking for the tours.

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I’m travelling with a small child, do I need to buy a seat?

All fares are subject to change without prior notice.
Adult – 18 years and over.
Child – Child fare applicable for 0 -12 years & must be accompanied by paying adult (over the age of 18 years)
Infants fare available.


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I’ve forgotten to bring my ticket to the departure point. Can I still travel?

No problems. as long as you have suitable ID, to enable our driver to check you off the manifest.

Day before we will send you sms reminder guide name can be confirm for the tours any problem contact our hotline +61404 127 058 Hrs 24/7



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I want to bring more Luggage & Extra Luggage

The company accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to luggage arising out of or in any way incidental to the service or the accommodation or the transfer of any luggage between the vehicle and any place of accommodation whether such loss or damage may be due to alleged negligence or misconduct on the part of the company, its employees or agents or otherwise whoever. We recommend that personal travel insurance is obtained when making your travel arrangements.
The total amount of free of charge luggage per fare paying passenger is one suitcase (no more than 20 kgs) and one small carry-on bag can be taken on board the coach and must be able to be placed underneath the seat in front or above in the overhead baggage area.
Any carry-on bag that does not fit under the seat or overhead in the baggage area must be placed in the luggage area underneath the coach.
Additional luggage that exceeds the allocated luggage amounts is subject to additional charges $30 per luggage.

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How do I get the cheapest fares?

The cheapest available fares are always available on the Internet as this keeps our costs low.

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When I should be there for day tours?

Ski tours and day tours all coaches commence loading 15 minutes prior to departure at Avis world square is the last pick up.
We recommend passengers be at scheduled stops and check in luggage with driver 15 minutes prior to departure. APSE does not have a waiting policy for late departure

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What happens if APSE Coaches cancel/delay a departure?

Occasionally events will happen beyond our control that may cause us to cancel or delay a departure. Eg. Snow/Ice.
A cancellation for any reason will allow you to reschedule your trip at no charge to you.
We’ll also request your understanding in these trying and unpredictable times.

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Any group discount?

APSE Tours have policy booking as day traveling together for every 30 paid you get 1  tickets max 2 tickets for group travel to make sure that you travel on the same coach you need to book at least 72 hours before departure date.

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Group Travel insurance?

APSE strongly recommend everyone to take out Personal travel insurance. Group insurance cover on the coach travel only.

We have group travel insurance cover 20 millions during travel on the tours condition apply.

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I want to change a booking date after payment is complete?

All bookings no refundable no changeable  after full payment have been paid.
during low fare travel.

We strongly recommend everyone to take out travel insurance will be cover all the claim during delay, sick during period holiday.


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Where i can buy travel insurance?

Australia Post office, Travel agency, online travel agency,

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Can I get a refund when I miss the coach?

No show no refunds on that day or change of date. The best way to claim is keep APSE tax invoice and APSE ticket you can claim Travel insurance.
You should make sure your travel insurance covers all medical expenses for injury or illness, as well as theft of valuables, damage to baggage and cancellations or interruptions to flight plans – Comprehensive Travel Insurance approx. $25pp if you incl. winter sport approx. $105pp

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Any Booking fee for the tours?

No booking fee by Credit card payment on the Phone or Website payment
Walk into the office for credit card charge fee

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I bought the ticket but want to get a refund of the tours?

All fares are Non-Refundable yet transferable to another date with more than 72 hrs. notice.

These tickets remain valid for 21 days only from date of issue. Please ensure you know the terms and conditions prior to the ticket purchase otherwise you may be disappointed.

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How do I buy a ticket?

Here are the all ways you can buy an APSE TOURS ticket:
On-line before the time of departure – this is always the cheapest way.
On the coach, itself – once we’ve boarded all our customers with tickets, subject to availability we’ll accept walk-up fares.
Please note: Unlike on-line bookings, walk in fares are not discounted payment by CASH sales on-board. Please have the exact money for your travel.
By telephone +61 404 127 058 (24/7)
Our office 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Mon- Fri
In person from your local travel agent. Please note additional booking fees may apply.

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